Susan (albur_lily) wrote in kotor_holo,

Volume 3, Issue One

- duncatra talked about the new Vector series.

- Griet Mutnojmet wrote "A series of awkward moments..." [KOTOR II: LSF Exile – Humour, Angst and Drama].
- Jedi Knight Revan wrote "My shining stars" [KOTOR I: LSM Revan – Action/Adventure].
- Katara Ironarm wrote "Mira's Out To Get Everyone's Credits" [KOTOR II: DSF Revan, Mira – Humour].
- badshot00 wrote "Mandalorian Gamble" [Pre-KOTOR I: Mandalore - Action/Adventure].
- Carnivorous Pineapple wrote "Imbroglio" [Post-KOTOR I: Dustil, LSF Revan/Carth].
- Sacred Duelist Gx wrote "StarWars Teen Jedi Knights:The new savors" [Pre-KOTOR I: M Revan, Malak - Action/Adventure].
- Achalys wrote "Meatbag Status" [Pre-KOTOR I: Malak, HK-47 - Humour].
- DhtrofIsis wrote "Coward" [KOTOR I: LSF Revan - Adventure, Romance].
- Sol Veritas wrote "HK47 Sings the FCC Song" [KOTOR I: HK-47 - Humour].
- Selena Valentine Mars wrote "Forbidden Fruit" [KOTOR I: Revan/Carth - Romance, Mystery].

- Revan was updated on Wookieepedia.
- Jedi Exile was updated on Wookieepedia.
- Juhani was updated on Wookieepedia.
- Matale Estate/Khoonda was updated on Wookieepedia.
- Manaan was updated on Wookieepedia.

- kotor_holo is looking for Editors to update on Monday's and Friday's. If you are at all interested, please see the Editor Application Post.

- thebob1911 made "Darth Nihilus in Oblivion".
- Xordun made "Malak,Bastilla & Revan at same time".
- flinter007 made "Flinter's lightsaber duel".
- HandoKinral made "Young Jolee Bindo Reskin TGA Timeline".
- MaggOnasi made "Carths Partner...", "What Mission has to say about Griff", "What Zaalbar has to say about himself", "What T3 has to say", "Revan Rules!!!".
- padawanmage71 made "52. "Chuundar"", "53. "Shadowlands"", "54. "Jolee Bindo"", "55. "Freyyr"", "56. "Bacca's Sword"", "57. "Star Map, Part 1"", "58. "Star Map, Pt. 2"", "59. "Departure from Kashyyyk"", "60. "Tatooine"".

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