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KOTOR Holo was created almost a year ago by albur_lily as a daily fandom newsletter, along the same vein as places like ff_press and jedi_news. It was pretty steady for the first few months, but editors began missing days, weeks, and disappearing entirely. Despite daily notifications in the newsletter, only one person ever applied to be an editor and was never heard from again. Eventually, I was given sole responsibility for the Holo.

I changed the format: weekly rather than daily, because as a busy college student I simply cannot update every day. I also stopped automatically including off-LJ content, unless it was specifically noted in comments. The reason for this is that sites like KOTOR Fan Media and FF.net are very prolific, and I felt it would be unfair to update authors who happened to get their stories to the main page on Saturday, or to go through and cherrypick the things I like from the entire week--as not all of the fandom shares my own tastes.

The trouble is, the LJ fandom is not nearly as active. Not dead, but very sluggish. I rarely see more than one post a month at communities like kotor_icons, and kotor_ has a similar pattern.

So it often happens that when Saturday night comes and I check the watcher journal, there are perhaps two or three items that I can include. Thus, I wait until the next week to post the newsletter. Another item might show up in that time.

In the last two issues, there have only been four items. Both of them were issues where I had held off a week to update.

Frankly, it's discouraging to try and update a newsletter every week when there is so little to be mentioned. This isn't a "get in gear, you lazy fans" post. It's a question.

Do you think that it is worth it to keep up this newsletter?

I am open to suggestions. However, I will repeat what I said above in that it is impossible for me to include everything posted at KFM and FF.net.

If there are no replies to this post, I will assume that there is no need for me to continue updating, and will close down the newsletter until such time as the fandom becomes more active.

If you feel this newsletter is unneccesary, please comment saying so.

If you feel this newsletter should be kept up, please do speak up. I am willing to continue it if there is interest.

There are eighty-seven people currently watching this community, and I would appreciate if some of you would weigh in on this issue.

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